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TaxGst Accounting Software - V 2.4




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Standard Version



Standard Version normally used in New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, India, South Africa and some regions of Canada

This version is mostly used by countries whom attach a Single Tax in the form of Sales Tax to Goods and Services being sold or supplied


TaxGst[2] Accounting Software - V 2.4




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New Revised Version



New Revised Version normally used in some regions of Canada


This version is mostly used by countries whom attach TWO Types of Sales Tax on goods or services, being sold or supplied.


If your country is not mentioned on this site, but uses decimal currency, check us out anyway as most countries who use decimal currency at a rate of 1/100 should find our software useable. So its worth a test drive (and its free to try, free to download, so why not)



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Min Software Requirements
Windows Operating System

800 x 600 Screen Settings






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Updating your TaxGst Software to the Latest Version

To see if there are any new updates for TaxGst please go to our dedicated Software Update Page.

If you are using Series 1 of TaxGst then you will need to Migrate to Series 2. To find out which Version of the software you are currently using please see our dedicated Series 2 Software Migration Page.



TaxGst and TaxGst [2]

Both Programs run independent of each other and the data from one program is NOT transferable to the other. You may install and run both programs on one PC if need be. This is of course most likely totally unnecessary, but may be of use to those individuals in countries such as Canada who find themselves on the move and now need to install Version 2 of TaxGst to account for 2 forms of Taxes on Goods or Services.





Downloaded Information and other Stuff

This is a sale version, it's not a beta, you wont have to pay for yearly upgrades. We don't try to make it better every year and suggest you pay again just for this privilege, our software is already perfect; it's a complete finished product.You also won't have to purchase our software and then go about looking for a course on how to use it.

Our latest amendments to the software opens the program up and is now being used by more countries. Whilst it is always impossible to make one version of any type of accounting software suitable to all nations on our planet, our new amendments run close to achieving some of this.

Download it, evaluate it, and if it suits your requirements then great, you have nothing to loose. My guess is that you will be very surprised at how easy and simple it is, yet has everything that subcontractors, contractors and small businesses want.


Software at Shareware Prices

It is our intention to make TaxGst available at a shareware price. Whilst this does not make much sense, especially when we are consistently being told that a higher price seems to indicate value and higher standards, and many people are driven away before they start, thinking that this low price means that the software is not of high quality. We accept this, but we have to remain true to our ourselves as it was our intent to market this in this manner and to "Dare to be different" So whilst we are investigating methods of attracting those who want to pay more to keep up with Mr Jones next door, TaxGst will always maintain our flagship product as a cheaper very high quality accounting software alternative.



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