Our bookkeeping software is so simple to use that its faster than pen and paper bookkeeping methods. Simple basic easy accounting software which is a joy to have and use.

Simple software for subcontractors, contractors, mum and dad businesses and home businesses.

Simple, Easy Accounting and Bookkeeping Software


Why Choose Tax Gst Accounting Software?

We focused only on what is really required by MOST of the average small businesses, contractors and subcontractors.

TaxGst takes you back to old fashioned simplified accounting. The problem with most of today's accounting software is that they have followed each other down the same path of adding more and more stuff into the software to outdo each other.

Just because you can add an extra 100 reports into the software, and can record everything right down to the time and second you purchased fuel at the local garage simply because you have the capability now that you have a computer, doesn't mean you should.

Computerized accounting should make your life simpler and easier, but as many have found out its anything but simple and easy.

This is where TaxGst Comes into its own as being the most simplistic accounting software in the market place for the average subcontractor, small business and home business.



What are the Two most important questions to ask?

Does the Bookkeeping and Accounting Software save you time?

YES we believe TaxGst Does

If you are a contractor or small business and you need simple basic software to perform basic bookkeeping without all the run around, then you have come to the right place.


Would it be quicker to simply enter the income and expenses using pen and paper?

NO we believe TaxGst is Quicker

Our software is modeled on the pen and paper principle. When you begin to use the software you will soon discover that it is able to do what pen and paper cannot do. It can provide you feedback and reports faster and simpler than using a calculator, whilst being as easy as pen and paper in its operation.


We are so confident that our software answers these questions that we allow you to evaluate our program free of charge for a whole 60 Days. Download our software today, no questions asked Trial




What is so different about TaxGst ?

We found no useful ideas from any existing software on today's market, so we had to start from scratch and spend time in the field talking with the girls and guys who were using software to see what they really wanted.

We don’t take accounts to Trial Balance or all that rubbish. We also don't want to you to keep a record of your money in the bank account as it makes no sense at all. As we discovered most small businesses and subcontractors know if they are making money by simply getting an account balance from an automatic terminal at the local shopping center.


In the end all that most individuals wanted was a simple easy to use program. One which enabled them to enter income and expenses, record sales tax, issue an invoice and provide a simple profit and loss report, and all this needs to be done at the click of a button.

Whilst TaxGst was developed in our minds for Small Businesses and Subcontractors, we now have a global client base including a number of medium level businesses who are using this software as part of their business needs.



Mum and Dads are being left out in the dark

We found that the majority of small businesses and subcontractors are mum and dad businesses, or individual owners (sole traders), who really only want to account for the sales tax and report a profit or loss, and to keep records of income and expenses for tax purposes.

This group seems to be left out in the dark by many of the existing programs on the global market. This also seems strange to us, as it is this group of individuals and partners that keep the majority of nations and thus the global economies moving. Yet it is this same group that most of the corporate accounting program developers have forgotten about.


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TaxGst - Bookkeeping that Small Business and Subcontractors can understand

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