Install your accounting software in a few easy steps..

After installation you can begin to enjoy the full Accounting and Bookkeeping experience that TaxGst offers.

Installation of TaxGst Accounting & Bookkeeping

Existing Software Users

Re-Installing that software over the top of an existing installation will cause you to loose all your information if you have not backed up.. Existing users should only install upgrade patches.

If you are an existing user and you do not have Series 2 Installed then follow the instructions on this page, All other updates are available from the update page.


New Customers - New Installations

Step 1: First you will need to download the Software


Step 2: To install the software you need to run the file - This is usually done by double clicking on the file with your left mouse button


Step 3: Follow the prompts as they appear and install the software - take note of the additional information below


When you get to a screen that looks similar to this, click the ok button to install the software into the default location (DO NOT Change the Default Installation Directory - simply click OK) :


Install into Default Directory





When you Get to a screen which looks like this, Click the Top Icon - "Typical"

click the icon thats called Typical



That's it, follow the rest of the prompts and once finished this new version of the TaxGst Accounting Software will be installed.