Affiliate Opportunities exist for anyone with an online presence who would love to add Great Business Software to their Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

Our partnership with our merchant BMT, has one of the best affiliate programs available.. We currently have existing sales in: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, India and South Africa

Affiliate / Reseller Information:

Opportunity exists to anyone of any age who loves making money from home. Become an Online Affiliate and join our team.

Maybe you are already active in promoting affiliate programs over the internet, or maybe you would like to start. If you have a website or blog then you are in a great position to collect some commission by promoting TaxGst.


Obviously there are some steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish this, but these are straight forward. We would like to encourage anyone who believes they are in a position to take advantage of our Affiliate Program to contact us.

In the first instance we would like you to email us with your interest and details of your website, blog etc. Please email us at


Internet Millionaires

Remember that some of the most successful and wealthiest individuals this decade have made their money online. Affiliate marketing is one way some of these individuals have made their cash. I am the first to admit that it all takes effort, but from effort and a dream anything is possible.

Becoming an Affiliate of TaxGst is an opportunity to add yet another product as a sideline on your blog or website. Whilst accounting software is not something that everyone will need, it does add something different, and advertising business software can help to boost the market appeal of any site.


Simple Overview of the Process:

We have placed our Affiliate Program in the hands of a third party who has been in the industry from 1992. This way you are supported by a well established organization whom specialize in the needs of the Affiliate. One of the biggest requirements of any Reseller is to be paid for your efforts.

As we all know there are bad eggs in every bunch, and whilst we at TaxGst are up front with everything we do, we know that many others on today's Internet are not so honest. By having all the payments managed outside of TaxGst, you can be assured of being rewarded for your effort.

Our merchant BMT automatically take out your commission from every sale before we are paid, you cant get any better than that.


Once you join or clan of Affiliates you will have access to your affiliate url through BMT, this url is then used as the link on your website.

This means that when someone clicks on your promotion and goes to our site, a cookie will be grabbed by their browser, this cookie retains your affiliate information. If the potential client downloads the software and returns to our site at the end of the trial period to purchase the product, the sale will be attributed to you.

Basically once you become an affiliate, and create a link on your blog or website, you can sit back do nothing and receive commission from anyone whom clicks your link and eventually purchases our software.



Banners can help with Promoting:

How you decide to promote the software on your site is up to you.

Some people like to dedicate a review of the software with a link, while others simply choose to place a banner or something similar on their site.

For those individuals whom wish to use a simple banner, you may find a suitable design from our list, this will save you time and effort.

Below is an example of our banners, by clicking on "more" you will have access to more colors:




Click Here for MORE Colors and Designs


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