Recording of Income by Small Business is a breeze with this accounting program. Keeping and managing accurate records for your income tax returns is a must for Small Business. With TaxGst we can help you keep the Tax Man of your back.


Recording of Income by Small Business is easy with TaxGst

Income entry screen for TaxGst


Recording Income and Accounting for Sales Tax

One of the most important aspects of recording income is to enable us to pay income tax. However it is our right to only pay the amount of incometax as is fair. After recording of income then next best thing is to ensure that you have recorded all you business expenses so you can minmize the amount of tax you need to pay.


TaxGst helps to make this process as simple as possible with its "One Click", simple logical approach to record keeping

Both versions of TaxGst are identical except that TaxGst[2] allows for an extra column for the collection of the extra Sales Tax on goods and services by certain countries.


Making Entries into the Income Section of the software

Recording of Income is a breeze with TaxGst.

You are able to enter any record into the income section at any time of the year. You do not have to be in that month, nor does the income require to be entered in date order. As the program will sort the data for you.

At the bottom left hand corner of the screen (not shown above), you have two icons which allow you to select between entry order and date order.

This means you can view the entries on the screen in the order in which you entered them, which is great when entering bundles at a time. Then simply click the button allowing you to see all the income amounts in date order, which is the most logical order for viewing and printing.


Income reports are always printed in date order as shown below

Do yourself a favor and obtain a copy of TaxGst today, take it on a test run, you will be surprised how easy and flexible it is. If it suits your needs great, if it doesn't you have kept the money in your pocket, take it to the pub and have a beer.




.Sales / Income Report

Printed view of Income Report