Software for Small Business has come of age sense TaxGst pulled back the cover and exposed the secrets of accounting.

Awards and rave reviews keep coming for this innovative Business Software simple because of itsr usefulness, ease of use, and simple back to basics, pen and paper accounting methods.


Awards for Innovation


When we launched our inovative product many years ago, we were told:

"Because there are so many accounting software products on the market we would be wasting our time"


But we looked at it and said:

"Don't you mean we are now competition?"

"Don't you mean the other software developers are now wasting their time"

"If we provide simple software without all the rubbish we know clients will come"



Awarded for our Persistence

To date we have enjoyed many references and awards for innovation and design. We believe the main reason our style of bookkeeping and accounting software is being so well received is because we have remained focused on helping the home business, subcontractors and contractors get out of the office and back to doing the things they enjoy.

By removing all the useless accounting rubbish from our software, and leaving the parts that are actually useable and useful to the majority of small business, our clients have become more confident with thier accounting.


These awards show that by focusing on the client and not the bottom line we have generated a great easy to use financial product:


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We were unable to find any useful Accounting Software on the Market

We never set out to generate this software for public use.

In the early days it was primarily for personal in house use, as we were unable to find bookkeeping software which was easy to use, and could perform the tasks of calculating income and expenses whilst providing simple logical reports.

We tried many of the existing products on the market and still we were unable to find a single product that was simple and easy to use. We were not alone, we found many others in the same boat, and many of those individuals had resorted to looking up those adds in the local paper for individuals who would come to their homes or place of business and input the entries for them...

Why?, because it appears that the individuals offering services in the local paper had received special training on how to use the software by the manufacture, so what hope did we have...



In the Beginning

So after much hair pulling, we went about creating the most basic thing for our own use. Over a period of time the program started to evolve and we found ourselves giving away copies to others. Most of these individuals were acquaintances from work, friends and relatives, and there friends and relatives.

Eventually it got such a huge following that more people began using it and throwing away the software they were struggling with. Some of these individuals purchased software with government grants they received as one off payments due to the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (Gst) in Australia.



What Persistence Can Do

A few years on we discovered that those using the original versions of the software were still as delighted as the first day they started. So this told us that our product

Sense we made TaxGst available as a retail product we have seen it successfully introduced into over 7 countires (at last count). With 1000's of happy clients..

Many of our clients come from other bookkeeping programs and they report that they now save many hours each week simply because TaxGst is so easy to use and understand.





General Awards


5 star award
5 Star Accounting Software Award Editors pick award
5 star award for inovation
Award for excellence Awards keep coming