Are you ready for the changes to HST - Harmonized Sales Tax.

Getting through this period of transistion from your previous methods of tax collection to the new HST System of collection is easy with TaxGst Accounting and Bookkeeping Software.

HST - Are you ready for the changes


Canadian - Harmonized Sales Tax

Up until now you might have been required to collect and account for two forms of taxes on the sale of goods or services. With these new changes some of you will now be required to collect and account for just one tax called "HST - Harmonized Sales Tax" which is also applied to the sale of certain goods or services.

If you are not sure of these changes or need additional information then we suggest that you seek out your relevant taxation department and request that they provide you with as much advice as possible - It's their job, they work for you, don't get caught out down the road with unexpect fines, make them work for their money as its their job to service you...

But if you need to account for HST then the TaxGst Software can help you.

If you are one of those who are now stuck with having to juggle this change mid way through the current financial year, then we suggest that you watch this video to see how you can use the TaxGst Software to account for both the old system and the new HST Method of collection.

This video will help to explain how to use the TaxGst Software during this period