These Guides are provided in support of the TaxGst Accounting and Bookkeeping Software.

They will provide you with extra information and support not contained within the software or found elsewhere on this site.


Online Accounting Guide for TaxGst Accounting


Here at TaxGst we are in the process of continual website upgrades to help assist our huge client base.

Here you will find that we are developing material in the form of online guides and PDF's which will provide extra information not contained within the help screens of the Software.

If you have any requests for specific information on any part of the software which is not handled anywhere else on this site or within the software itself, please feel free to email us





Printing your Invoices and Reports to a Printer or File

Within the TaxGst Software you have the ability to print the invoices and some of the main reports direct to a file. From here you then have the ability to attach that file to an email for delivery via the internet.

Depending on your computer skills this may or may not be confusing. We have provided you with a pdf which you can download which consists which but explains this in more detail. If you want to download the pdf click the link below, you will also require a pdf reader, such as adobe reader.

As an alternative to viewing in a PDF Format, you may also view the information in a web base format by clicking on the Html Guide.


Printing Guide - Download & View in PDF Format

View in Html Format





If you need a Pdf Reader, Grab a copy from Adobe, its freedownload adobe reader for viewing the printing guide




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