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Remember that every screen within the taxgst accounting has a useful help button, that should hopefully answer most of your questions. But if you are unable to solve your question, then its better review the support section on this site or simple email us your question. We would prefer this instead of having your leave feeling unwanted.

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What about the serial number, how do I get it ?

How do I backup and restore ?

How often should I back up ?

Why doesn't the date enter correctly ? (Mainly for Australian's)

How do I change the Address Details ?

Changing the Rate of Sales Tax Before Using ?

I see rectangles on my screen ?

Is there a Mac Version of TaxGst ?





Some of the common accounting questions asked:

What about the serial number, how do I get it ?

Once purchased through our merchant - (bmt), you will automatically receive a serial number via email.... Its easy and painless..

As you know the software will cease to operate after 60 days. We have ensured that you get heaps of time to evaluate this fantastic product... By providing the software this way it ensures that you are 100% satisfied that this product is right for you, with being able to get maximum use before needing to hand over any cash....

If its not what you were looking for, that's ok, at least you didn't waste your money finding out....


How do I backup and restore ?

There are two files that need backing up in case you have a malfunction. Should your system have a melt down then you will need to reinstall your data files... If it does have a melt down, you will be glad you backed up your files..

We have provided a backup and restore facility which is self explanatory.

But if you are a control freak like me, or you want to copy your files to a CD you will need to do this manually. To manually backup you files, simply copy these two files to the CD etc.. :

The two files to backup are called..... data.mdb & datapay.mdb

These two files are found in this directory c:\Program Files\LCTaxtime.


If you want to manually restore the files (or you are restoring from a CD), all you need do is simple copy these two files back into the program files subdirectory (overriding any existing files):

Program directory c:\Program Files\LCTaxtime.



If you using TaxGst[2]

Your files will be located in this directory: c:\Program Files\LCTaxtime2

The two files to backup are called..... data2.mdb & datapay2.mdb



How often should I back up ?

That's really a personal choice.. For legality reasons, We cant say how often.

What I can say is that I personally should backup every week, but I don't, and usually only do it every month. But then I run the risk of loosing the last months worth of information if a crash happens, so I backup whenever I feel like remembering to do so, and hopefully its every other week.

The point to remember here is this:

You need to backup as often as you feel necessary. If you feel that you should backup every day due the the sensitive nature of your accounts or some other issue then backup every day, after all it only takes a few second.....

If you choose to backup once a month and your system crash's and you loose all your information, then you loose everything sense the last backup, which in this case could be a months worth of work.

So choose your backup frequency wisely



Why doesn't the date enter correctly ? (Mainly for Australian's)

This is because your regional settings are not set to English (Australia), it is most likely set to English (United States) as per many default installations. The best place to go is to the program itself. It has a complete description on how to resolve this.

Open the program, press Help on the Main Screen, click the button at the bottom that says "Still Having Problems Entering Dates" and then press the button that says "I Cannot Enter the Dates Correctly - Its still a Mess"

Alternatively, go to and do a search for changing the date settings in windows.


How do I change the Address Details ?

Either click Setup on the Main Screen and go to "Enter name of your Business", or click on your name at the bottom of the Main Screen (which will automatically take you to the Change Details Screen)... (also see our software setup page)

Just click on the Change Details (edit) button next to the Business you want to change. Its that simple.

Remember that you have the ability to run 5 businesses at once, simply click "change details" next to a blank line and add another business profile... Its that simple.


Changing the Rate of Sales Tax Before Using ?


Click here and follow the instructions to change the rate of sales tax - Changing Your Country's Sales Tax


I see rectangles on my screen ?

If you experience what appears to be rectangles on the screen, your screen settings are less than 24 bit.

This should not be much of a problem in the year 2007 as all modern pc's and monitors are capable of 32 bit. If the program opens up with what appears to be a series of rectangle lines of colors across the screen, then check your settings. You may need to install your video drivers, or simply change the screen setting to a min of 24bit.

On most pc's you can accomplish this by simply right clicking anywhere on your desktop (not on an icon), going down and left click on properties, click settings, check the Color Quality and change it to a min of 24bit

Is there a Mac Version of TaxGst ?

Sorry, but at this time there is not a version available for Mac's








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