Here are Some additional Accounting Tips to help you use our software with more ease and more confidence... Taxgst Accounting is still number 1

Bookkeeping and Accounting should always be this easy and simple, with TaxGst you get an easy to use and understand modern bookkeeping.


Accounting Tips - Tricks & Pointers for our Software

This page of our website has been put together to assist our users by providing some tips which are not already answered elsewhere where under Q&A or the other Support areas.

Some Short Cuts

1 _ Changing Between Businesses (different sets of books)
With TaxGst you can run more than one set of books at one time for different businesses. This is also useful for those individuals who contract most of there skills to only a couple of places (for example). We know of several users who contract between a couple of companies and find it useful to use two sets of books to keep everything separate
To switch to another business (set of books), click on the "setup' icon on the main screen, and then click "Edit Address details and Business Name". This brings up the Business screen, from here you can edit the details of the business, or switch to another set of books by clicking on another business name...
A quicker way of performing this task - Simple use your mouse, and move over the top of your name on the main screen, then click once with your left mouse button... This will automatically bring up the Business Screen, from here you can switch between businesses. This saves you a heap of messing around, its quick and easy...



2 _ Changing Between Financial Years

It is obvious that you will not find it necessary to switch between financial years very often. In some cases for some individuals, you will only do this once a year, so this shortcut my be irrelevant to you. However some will find this handy, especially for those first few weeks of a new financial year, when in some cases you find yourself looking back at the most recent information.
To switch between financial years, click on the "setup' icon on the main screen, click on the icon that says "Select New or Previous Financial Year". This will bring up the Financial Year Switch Screen, from here you can select the year you want to switch to or switch between.
A quicker way of performing this task - Simple use your mouse, and move over the top of the words "Financial Year" on your main screen. Use your left mouse button and Double Click (too clicks in rapid succession) on the words "Financial Year". This will automatically bring up the Financial Year Switch Screen. This is an excellent short cut for those first few weeks of a new Financial Year.



3 _ Selecting an Invoice to Edit or View

After you have written and issued an invoice, you may want to view the content or re-edit the invoice. Especially if the client do not pay the whole of the amount in one payment
This can be done by clicking on the "Edit" Button to the right of the line on the Main Invoice Screen

A smarter way of performing this task - Normally you would have to search for the invoice number, then look to the right, move your mouse and click on the Edit Button....

Try this next time... When you find the invoice number you want to edit, simply use your mouse click on the "Invoice Number". This will automatically instruct the computer to open the invoice... This is great, you already spent the time looking for the Invoice Number, and now you don't have to shift focus back and forth just to open it.



4 _ Selecting the Invoice from the Income Screen

From time to time you may find yourself in the Income Section of TaxGst looking at income which came from an invoice. (The income will only show it was from an invoice - providing you used the payment button on the invoice screen when you originally made the income entry)...

Whilst looking at this information you may want to review the invoice.

You would then have to exit the income screen, return to the main menu, go to the invoice screen and open the invoice
A easier way of performing this task - Whilst looking at the entry on the income screen, simply click on the "Invoice Number". The program will automatically open the invoice screen with only that invoice in view. You can then select the invoice and view or edit it. What is also great is that the program will remember that you were previously in the income section, so when you close to exit the invoice screen it will take you back to where you were.