The Accounting solution for you would be the Tax Gst Accounting Software. This Accounting Software Package is Designed for Small Business and Subcontractors

All our downloadable updates are Free. We will not charge you to download and update the software you have already paid for.

Tax Gst Accounting Updates



TaxGst Updates

We expect that all our clients will now be using Series 2 of the Software (all updates are for Series 2 only), if you are unsure please see below for instructions on how to check your version. Series 2 was issued and made available in July 2009, so anyone downloading the program after that date should should already be using Series 2.


This update will take you up to the latest Version Number - Version 2.4

This latest version was released 24th April 2010


To download this latest update please click this link for more information





How to check which Series of TaxGst you are Using:


Step 1

Click the Help Icon on the Main Menu


Click the Help Icon on the Main Screen

This will bring up the Main Help Screen



Step 2

Look towards the top left hand corner of this screen. You will be able to instantly identify the Series Number in use

Which will look something similar to this:

Version Number



Final Step

You will instantly know if you are using Series 2 of the software as it will say Series 2 above the version number


Any Version Number Without the words " Series 2 " above the Version Number automatically informs you that you are using Series 1 of TaxGst and you will need to follow the migration steps to migrate over to Series 2 of TaxGst.


Series 1 of the software will not state the words "Series 1", only Series 2 has these words above the Version Number so it will be obvious.


By migrating over to Series 2 you will be able to make use of the new enhancements and modifications.








Migrating to Series 2

If you are using Series 1 of TaxGst then you will need to migrate to Series 2 - Migrating to Series 2 will also install the latest version of the software - (it is FREE to migrate)

For full instructions on how to migrate to Series 2 please visit our dedicated web page.


However you may already have the latest version of this accounting package, which will mean you can go back to enjoying your cup of coffee. If you are not sure please read the instructions below .






Do not follow the migration steps if you already have Series 2 installed. If you are here for an update then you must only follow the link at the top of the page..

If you download and reinstall the complete version of Series 2 when you already have Series 2 installed, you could loose your data if you have not backed up. It is your responsibility to read and follow all the instructions