I need a Serial Number because my 60 Day Trial Period has expired. How do I purchase a new Serial Number to continue using the software...

Why do I have this screen coming up and where is all my Data?

Why do I have this Serial Number Screen ? --


The Serial Screen Appears Once your 60Day Trial Period has expired

TaxGst has been designed to enable you to experience the software for a full 60 Day Period without having to run out and purchase the software.

At the end of this 60 Day Trial Period a screen will appear telling you that your Trial Period is over. There will be 3 blank boxes where you will be required to enter a serial number.

Upon purchasing the software through our merchant you will be sent a serial number.




Have I lost all my Data - I cannot access anything ?

NO you have NOT lost your information.

The screen that appears once the Trial Period has expired is the TaxGst Activation Screen. Once you enter your serial number you will have immediate access to your information..

So please don't panic, all is safe**

(** Please see Heading Below called "Don't Reinstall")



I already purchased the software, why is this screen appearing ?

We note that many of our clients are so impressed with the software that they purchase the program well in advance of the trial period expiring.

Some clients have been known to panic as they are unsure why a screen has suddenly popped up informing them that the trial period is over even thought they have paid their money for the software. Please don't panic, this is a standard security measure applied to the software.


Everyone receives a confirmation Email from our merchant which contains the purchase details, plus Serial Number.

This email should be kept in a safe and secure location. Please check your confirmation emails to locate your serial number.


Until this expiry screen pops up, there is no other way to enter the serial number into the software. This is a security measure built into the software. When this screen pops up, simply locate your email, enter your serial number, and you will be back to using our wonderful product.


We always receive notification of your serial number after purchasing just in case something happens outside of everyone's control. So if you accidentally deleted this Email, you may request a copy of your serial number from our office.




** Don't Reinstall

We note that we mentioned above that when the serial number screen appears you simply have to enter your serial number and you will once again have access to your information.

We have also seen individuals attempt to get around the serial number process in a hope to save a few dollars. I am the first to admit that a dollar in my pocket is better than in someone else's.

However if you attempt to reinstall the software, you will find that during the process you could loose ALL your information if you had not previously backed up your data files. Only to discover after you reinstall the software that you will still require to insert a serial number, and you may be left without all your previous information in the process.

If you have been using the software and enjoy it, then why not purchase it !!!!


Else if TaxGst is not for you, we wish you all the best in your journey through life, and may a mountain of money come your way for you and your family.





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