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Best Accounting Software - Rated Number 1 on the Top 10 List


TaxGst comes 1st on the Top 10 Accounting List of All Time ?


Is our Bookkeeping Software really rated Number 1

Aren't you just sick to death of software companies (including accounting software companies and distributors) and any company for that fact, stating that they have been rated number 1, and then you discover that they have affiliations with the other companies in the list. So they are in fact rating themselves against themselves
I was out and about the other day looking for another company to host another site for me. So looking at the mountain of sites hoping to find someone that has longevity in the industry, I gave up and simply typed in "Top 10 web hosting companies". Google returned a list of sites promoting the top 10 web hosting companies. So I clicked on one of the url links and started to view the TOP 10
It looked impressive and I thought great I don't have to look any further, one of these companies will get my business. I then had a hunch to look at some of the other sites that Google returned to see if they were returning the same lists of the Top 10 sites. But surprise, surprise, they may have had some similar names but most of them were all different

Some of these top 10 sites were being awarded awards for excellence. But after I looked a little further, it was the site themselves who were awarding another site whom they were affiliated with an award for being the best.


Why is this happening ?

I looked a little further and discovered that most of these sites make money if someone goes to a host company from their site and purchases web hosting. Ahhhh. that explains everything
Don't get me wrong, its a great marketing ploy, design your own top ten list of companies who you think you like, keep the one who looks after you the most at number 1 and heh presto you are in business. Hand over a couple more awards and you look very impressive, and you create some money for yourself at the same time.


TaxGst Accounting Software - Rated No 1



Top 10 Accounting Software Programs - TaxGst Rated Number 1

I then took up the challenge and went looking for some of the top rated Accounting Software Programs. Only to discover very similar activities were going on, thus our homework was complete.

I think its a great idea for promoting yourself, if you believe you are Number 1 then great you are. We believe we have the best program on the market in our category, no-one even comes close to providing something that people can use without the need to have to go around pulling hair out in the process


At TaxGst we claim we are the best in our category, but we still ask you to discover this for yourself. Whilst we are the best, we also challenge, even want you to go out and try other software, its the only way you will discover for yourself if our claim is right.

If you discover that another program is more suited to your needs, then it is, and that's that. There is not one Accounting Program on the market that does everything for everyone, if they claim they can, then you have to be suspect of this claim. Why? Because if they were the best and Number 1 there would be no competition as the competitors would not be able to complete in a 1 horse market.


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Tax Gst - Rated as the Number 1 on the Top 10 List of Accounting Software Programs as the Best Accounting Program on the Market of All Time