Commercial Shareware Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Solutions for the busy modern small business developed using one click accounting methods

We offer an alternative solution for businesses in the 21st century. Why be tied to a computer screen when you could be out enjoying your life.

Accounting Software that uses "One Click" Technology

All financial accounting programs using "One Click" approaches are amongst the most highly regarded applications available on the market. They are usually innovative and fresh driven by customer demands. These types of bookkeeping programs usually allow small businesses financial access to most areas from one screen. With TaxGst every major task is available for selection from the main accounting screen.

Our accounting program uses single click technology one step further, by allowing the same type of process to flow through to all screens.

By allowing the One Click process to flow through to all screens, your experience is more natural and free flowing. In the process it allows you to feel and become more relaxed, without feeling like accounting is a chore.


Life is for living, Not taxes and Bookkeeping

More Freedom with TaxGst Acounting and Bookkeeping
"Taxtime this year doesn't need to be difficult"

Bookkeeping made simple



Shareware Accounting Software

Our software started out as a shareware product. Whilst we have moved forward to become a semi commercial product, we have kept our shareware prices and fair use policy.

Our software can be tested by anyone without the need to hand over your personal information. You get to test our software for a Full 60 Days to enable you to have fair and reasonable access to see if the program suits your business needs.

By keeping our software available on the standard shareware system of try before you buy, we are staying true to our fair use policy and giving you the ability to choose without the pressure of hard sell. We cant send you 100 follow up high pressure emails, as we do not have your personal details, how awesome is that ?




There are better things you can be doing

Most of the Sole Traders and Mum & Dad business which are the backbone of our fine countries, are sick and tired of working their fingers to the bone, coming home after a hard days work and forcing themselves to spend hours trying to understand inappropriate Accounting Software

We designed TaxGst in consultation with businesses in the field. You receive software that enables you to do the job in a fifth of the time, with all the standard features and reporting you would expect to find.

Taxtime should not be a chore, you should not have to cringe every time you think about doing anything that involves record keeping for taxes. lets face it, the only reason most contractors and small businesses keep records is to shut the taxman up, else most of us would not do it..


Accounting for expenses and income should at least be as painless as possible. Yes it is hard to think it could be fun, but at least it doesn't have to be a chore, accounting should be a pleasure, as its the one time you get to see all the profit you are making.



Already Using another Accounting Program ?

Regardless if you are already using an Accounting Program, download this software, its free to download and free to trial.

Play for an hour, you will be surprised. Print out an invoice, make some income and expense entries, press every button on the screen just to see what it does, you can't hurt anything. When finished simply delete the entries, its the only way for you to see what your missing out on.




Why do subcontractors use more than one set of books?->> Why



Bookkeeping is now fun - Accounting for Tax is now even easier

For Contractors in all industries and Small Businesses of all sizes





Don't delay, do yourself a favor grab a copy and try to kill it in the process. It's very robust and will handle punishment, yet it is easy & simple to understand and a complete joy to use.



Tax Gst Accounting Software