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With BMT as your Merchant your personal information is safe and secure, they are well established, and have been servicing the software industry sense 1992.


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What do I Receive for Such a low price?

You Receive Simple Easy to Use Small Business, Home Business and Financial Accounting Software which is useable by almost anyone with or without any experience


Aren't you sick of paying and then repaying for updates?

FREE Updates for the Life of the Program - Yes that's Right, you will never have to pay for updates for this program.

By providing simple financial software at a realistic price we have been able to assist 1000's of small business owners just like you. Lets face it, the last thing you really want to be doing is using your hard earned money to purchase accounting software.



Clients Consistently Dump Competitor Software

Many Contractors and Small Business Owners have been struggling for years trying to understand their accounting software, simply because "they spent hundreds of dollars purchasing other software". For this reason they continue to struggle as they feel all accounting software must be the same.

However by simply providing our software on a Free Trial this has encouraged people to put aside the accounting software that they were already using, realizing that the old software just didn't stack up as being as simple to use as TaxGst Accounting.

By providing our software on a Free 60 Day Downloadable Trial with no questions asked, has meant that many of our clients were able to test our product without all the follow up hard selling promotional emails, giving them the opportunity to discover for themselves that switching was a simple and easy choice.

Our Software may not do everything that other software can do, but it's not suppose to, if you want a simple basic realistic small business accounting software then TaxGst may be what you are looking for, if not then we wish you well on your journey



Why purchase Accounting software you can't use?

With our software your 9 year old son or daughter will be able to make entries into the computer. You don't need a degree or special skills to use our software, just being a member of the human race is enough.

I challenge you to look in your local paper, you will see many adverts from many people offering courses in how to use the accounting software being sold by our competitors.

You will also see other advertising informing you that you can pay someone else to come to your home and enter the information for you if you are unable to use the program yourself.


Why are these Advertisements Appearing in the Newspapers....

We believe its because many of these software programs require you to have extensive bookkeeping or accounting experience...

We also believe that most of these programs must be created by people in back rooms of large corporations with no experience in the real world.

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