Are you starting a New Business ?, Not every Small Business starting up will need to rush out and purchase accounting software on Day One of operation.

A lot of new businesses starting up will use a pen and paper set of accounts, however ussually within a short peroid of time most will end up looking around for accounting software.

Starting a New Business ?

Do you even need Accounting Software ?

I would love to say that none of us really need to burden ourselves with any type of bookkeeping software. If you can get away with not having to use accounting software, then that's got to be the perfect choice.

Its a known fact that some businesses continue for a life time without such software. These are usually contractors who mostly contract out their time rather than needing to account for expenses. They usually keep what little expenses they have in a shoe box and take that to the accountant at the end of the financial year.

However, the saddest thing of all is that for the majority of subcontractors, contractors and small businesses will eventually find themselves using some type of accounting software, even if its main purpose is for invoicing.



What System of Accounting & Bookkeeping should you choose?

Obviously over the centuries the traditional way to keep accounts was to use a set of paper books, which worked fine for the businesses at that time. But with computers there now seems to be no need to have to play with calculators and pen and paper. The computer system should be able to perform these basic tasks in a flash and keep you up to date.

With Small Business and Subcontractors having to account for more and more in today's changing world, its seems almost necessary to have a simple system to carry out all these tasks.

I am sure that there are many great programs on the market that allow this to be done in a simple and tidy fashion, but there are many that are just pure rubbish.

They do nothing but irritate and annoy the crap out of a good many people. I feel personally that many companies are now so full of their own importance that they fail to deliver what the little guy really wants, maybe its because they are out of touch with reality.



Computer Geeks have no idea what we want in Software

We purchase software for businesses in a hope of spending only a few minutes here and there inputting income and expenses

In sad reality the majority of the business software on today's market forces everyone to spend more time in front of their pc's, and those precise few minutes turn into many hours of wasted anguish.

Why? - We believe that many of these companies employ computer geeks with no real life experience.




The single most Important Question to ask

Does this software save me time?

If you can enter your income and expenses into a paper set of books faster than entering into the computer accounting software, then something is wrong...

Obviously there are some other things that pc's can do faster than most of us, such as producing reports. You need to be able to obtain basic reports easily an quickly.

But do you really need 30 different reports that give you graphs and present the same information over an over. For the majority of contractors, subcontractors and home businesses, its easy to tell if we are making any money, all we have to do is go to the local ATM and get a bank balance.


Trial the Software First

We suggest you download and trial any program first. If the website is not offering you a trial, then ask for one, if they will not give you a trial then something is wrong.

Not all programs are the same, Whilst TaxGst is extreemly easy to use there are a lot of business programs on the market place that are going to waste your time.


After you download and test our software, see if it also complies with the next question

Is the Software Simple and Easy to Use ?

Accounting Software also needs to be simple and easy to use, if not, then what is it good for....