Tax Gst Accounting Software Series 2 is now available.

Download and update your accounting software to the new series of TaxGst and enjoy the full accounting experience.

Migrate your Accounting Software to Series 2


Existing Software Users

This page will enable you to migrate to Series 2 of TaxGst with a minimum of fuss.

But first you need to see what version and series number you are using, as you may already be using Series 2, which will mean that you are already up to date.



Do not follow the migration steps if you already have Series 2 installed. If you are here for an update for Series 2 then go to this page.

If you download and reinstall the complete version of Series 2 when you already have Series 2 installed, you could loose your data if you have not backed up. It is your responsibility to read and follow all the instructions




To check which Series you are using:


Step 1

Run the Program in the normal manner.

Click the Help Icon found on the Main Menu


Click the Help Icon on the Main Screen

This will then bring up the Main Help Screen



Step 2

Look towards the top left hand corner of this screen. You will instantly identify the Series Number in use

Which will look something similar to this:

Version Number



Final Step

You will instantly know if you are using Series 2 of the software as it will say Series 2 above the version number


Any Version Number Without the words " Series 2 " above the Version Number automatically informs you that you are using Series 1 of TaxGst and you will need to follow the migration steps to migrate over to Series 2 of TaxGst.


Series 1 of the software will not state the words "Series 1", only Series 2 has these words above the Version Number so it will be obvious.


By migrating over to Series 2 you will be able to make use of the new enhancements and modifications.



What if you are already using Series 2

If you are already using Series 2 then you Do Not need to follow any instructions on this page.

If you see the words Series 2 above the Version Number then Do Not attempt the steps on this page, else you could loose your data if you have not backed up.

Series 2 Users can check the updates page to see if there are any new updates to this Version of TaxGst Accounting Software. Please see our regular update page for details




Migrating to Series 2

What are the Major Changes with Series 2

TaxGst Accounting will no longer be installed into the Program Files section of your Windows Operating System. Due to issues with the Vista Operating System we have moved the program out of this location and have installed it on the root of C Drive. This then overcomes the limitations of the Vista System for those who have TaxGst installed on a Vista Machine.

If you are using Vista and you have not experienced any problems that Vista offers up, then count your blessings.

C:\TaxGst\Accounting 1 This is the new Location of the Standard TaxGst Program
C:\TaxGst\Accounting 2 This will be the new Location of TaxGst[2]



Series 2 also includes an additional Data File which will be required to be backed up along with the Standard Data Files. For backup and restore information see our dedicated page.

Data.mdb and DataPay.mdb The original Data Files with the Standard Version
Data2.mdb and DataPay2.mdb The original Data Files with TaxGst[2]
DataNew.mdb The newest additional Data File with the Standard Version
DataNew2.mdb This newest additional Data File with TaxGst[2]


You now also have the ability to assign a separate logo to each business for those running more than one business (As you are aware you can have up to 5 business profiles with TaxGst). Up until now if you assigned a logo for printing of invoices the same logo would be used for all business profiles. Now you can assign a separate logo for each business - which is how it should be.


You also have the ability to print the Sales Tax Summary Sheet and the Expenses Reports beyond the current financial period. For example; some of our clients informed us that their businesses are required to report Sales Tax over a period which is not equal to the Financial Year. Which means that some of their Sales Tax Reporting goes over the end of one financial year and into the beginning of another. We have now added a "Date Lock Icon" to the reports menu to allow you to print your reports over a wider period, thus solving this problem.


There are other many general enhancements throughout the software to individual screens.





Steps to Migrating and Updating to Series 2 of TaxGst


We suggest that you read ALL of this Migration Process First before attempting anything. By having an overview of the process before you start, and by taking the time to read the special notes, you will not have any problems in migrating to Series 2



Step 1 - Backup Your Existing Data

This is the most important step you must perform before attempting any updates, and especially this migration to Series 2

If you are unsure how to backup your Data please see our Data Backup Page

Do Not think that you can skip this step and survive. Yes it is true as you read below that Series 2 will be treated like a new program by your PC so backing up first may be unnecessary, but if things can go wrong, they will when it comes to PC's.

SO BACKUP YOUR DATA - All we can do is advice you, in the end its your choice




Step 2 - Download the Software:

Depending on which version of the software you are currently using you be required to click on one the the two boxes below.

If you are not sure which version of the software you are using then Run the Program in the normal manner and take a look at the main screen.. In the middle of the screen you will see the name of the software (you actually click on these words to exit):


If you are using the Standard Version of TaxGst then these words will appear in the middle of the screen:

TaxGst Accounting Software


If you are using the alternate Version of TaxGst then these words will appear in the middle of the screen, note the [2] after the name, if you see the [2] in the name then you are using TaxGst[2]:

TaxGst[2] Accounting Software




Series 2 of TaxGst




Download TaxGst Accounting Software and Experience Software Pleasure

Click on the above box to Download


Standard Version



Standard Version normally used in New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, India, South Africa and some regions of Canada

This version is mostly used by countries whom attach a Single Tax in the form of Sales Tax to Goods and Services being sold or supplied


Series 2 of TaxGst




Download TaxGst[2] Accounting Software and Experience Software Pleasure

Click on the above box to Download


New Revised Version



New Revised Version normally used in some regions of Canada


This version is mostly used by countries whom attach TWO Types of Sales Tax on goods or services, being sold or supplied.



Important Note:

Series 2 of TaxGst can be treated as a separate software program. Your PC will look at the software as being a new program as it is being installed into a different location on your PC and it has a New Name

When Series 1 of TaxGst Installed on your PC it will appear in the Add/Remove Programs section of Windows as "TaxGst Accounting Software"

To enable the PC to treat this as an entirely new program, Series 2 will now appear as "TaxGst Accounting"


So because the computer treats this as two programs you could actually use both versions of the software at the same time. However, we do not suggest this, as for obvious reasons it would be inappropriate anyway, but more importantly you could accidentally issue invoices from one program with a new invoice number and then you could issue one from the other one with the same number, then you will of course have major problems due to having two sets of data.




Step 3 - Install Series 2

Note before Installation:

At this time it will be necessary to install the new software, however it could get a little confusing as you are going to have both versions installed at the same time. You could uninstall the original version before you install this new version (but only if you backed up your data ? as in Step 1 Above)


How you choose to install the new version is your choice, but here is how I did it.

I first backed up my Data to a safe location (I did 2 backups to two separate locations - paranoia I guess).. Then I installed this new version of the software.. Then I restored my data into the new version... Then I ran the new program to see if it worked and to see if my data was there, I clicked the help icon to make sure it did say "Series 2"..... Then I uninstalled the old version of the software, and then I ran the new version of the software again just to make sure everything was ok (more paranoia).. This took me all of about 10 min and everything worked fine.


Installing the TaxGst Accounting Software

Now you will need to install the software by running the file you just download - This is usually done by double clicking on the file with your left mouse button


Simply follow the prompts in the usual manner and install the software.

When you get to a screen that looks similar to this, click the ok button to install the software into the default location (DO NOT Change the Default Installation Directory - simply click OK) :

  Install into Default Directory





When you Get to a screen which looks like this, Click the Top Icon - "Typical"

  click the icon thats called Typical




That's it, follow the rest of the prompts and once finished this new version of the TaxGst Accounting Software will be installed.



Step 4 - Restoring Your Data

If you uninstalled the original version of TaxGst prior to installing Series 2 then you will only have one Version of TaxGst appearing in your Start Menu of Windows. This means that you can continue to Restore your data in the normal way by selecting restore from the TaxGst menu.

If you did what I did and left the old version installed whilst you installed the new series then you will have two versions of the TaxGst Software appearing in the Start Menu.

The old Version will appear as: "TaxGst Accounting Software"

The New Series 2 appears as: "TaxGst Accounting"


Restore your data files using the Restore Process and you are almost done.

  New Changes




Step 5 - Finishing

That's it you have completed the Migration to Series 2


Depending on how you installed the software, if you left the older version installed as you migrated to Series 2 (as I did), then you should now uninstall the old version from the Add/Remove Programs section of your Windows.

Remember that the older software program will appear listed as: TaxGst Accounting Software or TaxGst[2] Accounting Software

If you accidentally uninstall the new version of the software then you will have to follow the whole process again.

Final Step is to run the Accounting Program again, Click on the Help Icon on the Main Menu, and see if the words "Series 2" appear at the top left hand corner, if so, then you are finished and ready to once again enjoy using TaxGst.