Accounting Software Reviews from our clients. Unedited Accounting Testimonials from happy and delighted customers of TaxGst.

Our bookkeeping and accounting software can make you happy and give you a boost in your step. Read these testimonials from some of our clients.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Read some of the many complete unedited Testimonials we have received from our clients.


TaxGst can give you back your TIME

We find that more and more people are coming over to TaxGst because they are so frustrated with the long hours they waste trying to use other accounting software, or the fact that they have to pay someone to come to their house to do their books.

We don't believe TaxGst is the ultimate answer to all of man kinds problems, and we have developed our software for the small business end of the market, so we may not be able to help those looking for such things as inventory control, but for those who discover that the awesome power of TaxGst is suitable for their needs, we can certainly provide one thing that many of our competitors cannot, and that's "TIME".

Most of our clients tell us that the biggest boost to them was the amount of TIME they now had spare each night or weekend. Many would come home after a hard week at work and then try to make some sense out of their accounting program only to end up frustrated... TaxGst has provided them with the ability to spend about a quarter of the time they previously spent in front of the pc, but has also left them feeling confident and 100% in control of their books... Imagine that....

So why wait any longer, download your copy for free for 60 Days and see if it suits your needs



Our Competitors Get Upset

We have blotted out part of the names of any other company mentioned in our clients testimonials, for obvious reasons some of these companies got a little upset..


Client Testimonials

Countryside Pool and Spa Service, Fallbrook, Ca.

Patty La Chapelle
Countryside Pool and Spa
Fallbrook, Ca.

Countryside Pool and Spa Service, Fallbrook, Ca

Thank you for the great service. The technical help I got was fantastic. The person helping me was very friendly, helpful and solved my problems plus she gave me some tips on how to manage the program. This is a great help to me with our small business. We are a pool service company and we use it for all our accounting purposes.

I also have a website I am setting up for Natures Art Products and I intend to use this program when I get that business up and running. Thanks for all your great help. I would highly recommend this accounting program to anyone who wants a simple and easy way to do their accounting.


Peter Brampton. South Australia ..

Just a quick email to let you know that I have been using your software for the last 5 weeks and I am very happy with it.

I tried other software but I ended up wasting time and money. I admit that I would not have looked at your software if it did not have a free trial period, as I was so fed up with bookkeeping. But I am glad I downloaded it.

I really wanted to include a logo on my invoices and you added this with your last update so now I have everything I want and am going to purchase this as I am so pleased with how easy it is.

At first I was expecting a little more gloss as it seemed very simple, but now after using it and after trying the other glossier looking programs I can see that you have kept it simple for a reason.. great job, and I love your latest update... thanks

Mario Mirelli. Adelaide, South Australia
I'm a small business operator who works long hours and I really hated coming home and doing the bookwork that's associated with it. I found accounting programs like my** and qu**** too complicated and messy with all the double entering.

I just happened to be browsing on the web one day when I discovered a program called TAXGST. I downloaded it and tried it out. Its brilliant. It does everything that I always wanted in an accounting program and its so simple to use once you try it.

Here is what I like about the program.

1. Economy of navigation (One click and you are in the section you want to be)
2. Best Invoice system I've ever come across (Invoices look Brilliant and Tracking system is awesome)
3. Accounts Payable System gives you running Totals on what you owe at a glance in nice big fonts
4. Accounts Receivable shows you in an instant who owes you money and its just one click to mark them off as paid.
5. When you do an invoice and its been paid you can transfer it straight to income from the invoice section.
6. On the main screen it shows you an updated total of income and expenses.
7. It has built in Calculators
8. When you go to reports it gives you an option to include totals of accounts receivable and accounts payable in the totals.

These are just some of the features of the program that I like.
For the price its the best accounting software I have used for what I need in my business. I cant believe how inexpensive this program is.

The software author is open to suggestions and always responds to my emails and has actually applied a modification to the program on my suggestion. So if everyone that uses this comes up with any suggestions then its only going to be a better program and its bloody good now.

Thanks Tracey

Olga ( Michel) Slovak, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Tracey,

It's been a heaven to do my simple accounting tasks after I have purchased your software. I've been buying accounting software before in search of one I can use with ease but all of them were either too complicated or just not serving my needs.

Your software is like 1-2-3 simple and clear.Your company went out of your way to listen to my suggestions and to my greatest surprise- you did adjusted your software to accommodate the canadian taxation numbering-THANK YOU, you've made my work so much easier now, not to mention the customer service you are providing; I'm sure a lot of small business will be very happy to use the software. Certainly I am.

Great job !!

Marvin Ivey, NC, United States

Just a few words to say how much I like the Taxgst program.

I have been looking for several years to find a program that was user friendly. Many are advertised, but just try to use them. When I downloaded your program and started the trial period, I purchased it after about one hour of use. It is simple, easy to use, and very efficient. Gives me all I need in my business. When I get through all my expenses, and income is noted, categorized, and totaled.

My accountant loves it also. I gave her my records and my taxes were done PDQ, and at a much lower cost than formerly. thanks, and I'm "sticking with TaxGst ".

Taylor, Noosa Heads, Australia

Hi guys

I think your Taxgst is great and Aussie too. I have used all sorts of accounting software over the years (including Qu****, what a lousy stingy group of people they are) and this is all anybody in small business needs.

A logo in the invoice would be nice but certainly not essential. It would also be good to put a default "Thank you for your business and please remit to BSB Account #" but no big deal.

I haven't worked out how to pay for it yet but I'm sure it will pop up at some stage and become very clear to me .

Thank you again and well done.


editor notes: the above requests were added in subsequent updates.

Paul Slatter, UK ..

To whom this concerns,

I usually shy away from writing emails of this nature, but I felt compelled to write a thank you. I have been using your software for about 6 months now and I am so happy I found it.

It is so Easy to use. I use to get a headache just thinking about my books. Now I don't mind doing them. Now I do my books each week just to see how much money I made.

I work in the building industry and come in contact with a lot of people who struggle to do their books. I use to use another software program and I never recommend it to anyone. But I have no problem recommending your software. In fact I have had some of my friends give me a round at the pub because I showed them your software. It has made life so much easier.

anyway, i just thought it would be nice to let you know

Dhaneshr, Indiia ..

Dear sir,

my name Dhanesh from india,

i saw your TaxGst accounting software from download website, i think this software is really good for easy handle, I have no problem, i use your trial version and test that working good, I like thankyou for good price for now can buy software


James Porter, Washington ..

I was referred to your software from a friend, I have been using another accounting program for the last 2 years and have learnt how to do what I need with it. So I was very reluctant to try anything else as I finally got use to using the other one.

After a lot of pressure from him to have a look, I am amazed. I could not believe that in less than a couple of hours I understood how to use your WHOLE program. I don't know how you have done what you have done and how you have come up with your ideas, but I am so pleased with your software.

My wife and I both use the program, where as I was the only one that could use the other one. So now when I am working my wife can catch up on the accounts and I don't have to come home and do it at night...

just a thought to say THANKS

Sharie, Sydney, Australia..


A small note to say thanks for the help you gave me over the last couple of days.

Your service has been outstanding, even though the price of your software is so low you still gave me your time. You suggested that the problem was not with your software, but you took the time to give me some tips and pointers and I was able to solve my predicament.

I just think that if more people put more emphasis on service, as you do, what a world it would be.

thankyou for all your help

Mark Wilson, Denver ..

Wow... I feel so relaxed for the first time in weeks.

I started my business 6 months ago and kept all my receipts in a box, and I was panicking at what to do as I tried some software trials and I could not work them. I thought it was me and I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars each month to get someone to come to my home and do it for me..

I was referred to your program from a tiller I met on a job site, and I spent that weekend entering all my receipts and stuff.

Your help screens are so easy to understand, I found this to be one of the most useful parts as I could understand how to use each area after only 5 min of reading

Thanks you have saved my arse.