Simple Easy Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

Accounting Software Designed for Small Business Contractors and Subcontractors

Our Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Program is Setting new Standards and Trends in Bookkeeping. Our software was designed for small business with emphasis on providing a simple easy to use program for any industry. ....


Subcontractor and Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

Refined and Tuned by Small Business for Small Business













Due to changes around the globe in relation to software usage the TaxGst Project is no longer a viable proposition and as such it is with great disappointment that after 15years we are removing it from sale.

If you have found your way here because you have been looking for an easy to use accounting program then why not check out our friends at



However existing clients can still download the program if needed


Existing Clients Can Still Download Here

Existing Users - Update your software to the Latest Version






Small Business Accounting Software that's upsetting competitors

Right from the time we first exploded onto the scene we have been stirring the feathers of many of the competitors.

It doesn't take much to claim you are better; all we did was listen the carpenter down the road, the builder on the hill, the mower man next door, and we discovered that all they wanted was accounting software that was easy to use.

Why is it necessary to purchase accounting software that try's to be cute by proving it knows more about accounting than you do


Simple Approach to Accounting

Our Simple and Easy Accounting approach means you have flexibility with using our software. If you only need a program for invoicing then it can used for that. If you only want to record your income and expenses and grab a simple profit and loss report, then its going to be perfect.

If you want to run your business and record all your income and expenses and sales tax and invoicing, and maybe even manage some accounts payable or receivable then you can use our software also.

You can choose to use as much of this business software as is applicable to you and your business. The areas of the software that you find are useless to your operation (unless its an important accounting practice) can simply be overlooked.



Most Accounting Programs keep you from the things you enjoy

In this day and age there are better things to do with our spare time, like going out to lunch, painting our nails or watching the footy. The last thing we want to be doing is sitting around at a computer screen wasting away, trying to do accounts and trying to understand misguided Accounting Software.


What is it that makes this Accounting Program Number 1 ?

Our accounting program is Number One with Small businesses, Contractors and subcontractors, simply because we have taken out all the useless stuff, because of this your bookkeeping experience becoms a lot more pleasurable. We have deliberately taken out stuff like accounting ledgers, accounting journals, stock control, banking.  All the rubbish that most of us don't need and don't want.

Yeah it feels good to get all that stuff included when you buy it.

Just like info commercials "but wait there's more, and if you phone now you get a set of steak knives",


All it does in the long run is drag us all down, and in the end we are forced to spend more time behind the screen just trying to get around all the extra stuff that we didn't need anyway.

Even if you are already using an Accounting Program, download this software, its free to download and free to trial. So we say download it and play for an hour, you will be surprised.